It Defines, Collaborative Choreographic Project

BA Dance Practices (Choreography)

Check out the visual presentation of 'It Defines'. Footage captured is a mixture from rehearsals and performance.
It Defines was formatted through scores of improvisation devised through discussion with participants. It Defines is heavily rooted in the experiences of the participants through verbal articulations and physical embodiments. Dancers involved in the project are Beth Clarke, Ash Davies, Chihiro Igarashi, Asha Pathy-Barker, Georgina Smith. The images showcased here are from rehearsals and the performance (December 2019). Photo credits are to Gabriela Bolton, Brain Slater and Cheniece Warner.
'Introductions'- the dancers are found to introduce themselves to the audience in the space. Verbally and physically -through a vocabulary of movement signifers. They articulate what they feel is key to their own identities; name, interests, race, age, family.
The musical accompaniment composed allows for a constant building and deconstructing of the score. Talks with the composer were based in imagery, textures and language, which in turn catered to the conveying and atmosphere of It Defines.
'The Clash'- As the verbal articulations continue a collective relationship is established. They move from individuals to a crowd of noise, professing and shouting their introductions, getting closer in proximity until a centralised clump forms.
'Connections: Self' - The dispersing of the clump leads to the dancers moving into a new space, away from one another. An opportunity to explore themselves non-verbally. Inner thoughts and feelings take the forefront with movement as the idea of becoming aware of ones' physicality is lay bare.
'Connections: Others' - How through identifying and feeling your own journey you can connect then with others upon passing and settled encounters.
'A Change' - of circumstances, a realisation felt and embodied individually by the dancers. Each pursuing a dynamic range of qualities; weighted-ness, sluggish, frantic, dysfunctional, freeing and falling. Dancers shared observations of identity possibly being restrictive, something to maintain and from this the effects of such things on the individual experiencing it. The musical accompaniment stresses the 'Change' through the bassy, hollow composition along with the dark blue lighting design.
Encounters are revisited both in isolation and together but the atmosphere is altered. As feelings of the 'change' - whether it be for better or worse take over and submerge the dancers. The piece runs in a cyclic way in that another 'Change' can occur, to reset an individual back to re-introducing themselves. It signifies an observed thread that we as a collective have experiences at times, seeing identity as fluid and transformative with encounters.
Poster created by Cheniece Warner for the promotion of the collaborative work 'It Defines'.

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