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Interior Architecture operates within the existing architectural fabric and context, remodelling space through architectural intervention, and questioning the idea of interiority relative to a variety of scales – from rooms to buildings and cities. The programme speculates on the possible futures for buildings and environments that have reached the end of their current lifespan.

Interior Design is concerned with the creation of new interiors that are inserted or installed into existing buildings or other places, relatively independent of their site contexts, for short-term use. Design projects may therefore be generic and applied to many different sites.

MA Interiors continues to challenge and redefine what constitutes the 'interior'. The programme places emphasis on processing a personal design approach based on individual interests, through the compilation of three portfolio volumes of analysis and project development.

Common to all three programmes is the importance we place on intertwining theory and practice and the obligation, in this social media age, to prioritise real sensory human experience in the place-making process. Although student achievement is predominantly assessed against individually produced outputs, we acknowledge that designing interiors in practice is inevitably interdisciplinary – often crossing the domains of humanities, cultural studies, history, philosophy, psychology and anthropology."