Congratulations to our second year student, Anna-Maria Leventi, instagram: @annamaria_lt99 for her film A Wish Beyond Death, being selected for Greece’s Drama International Short Film Festival in the animation category of #nationalschoolcompetition, and Croatia’s Four Rivers Film Festival. A Wish Beyond Death is a short animated film which follows an interview with post man, Mr. Andrew Porter, and his account of what happened to the sand woman.

In a statement, Anna-Maria said " Having the freedom to use whatever medium I wanted whilst having the support of all of the staff was incredible. I was encouraged to use my approach to constructing the images I wanted no matter how complicated the process was, in order to get the result I envisioned. I additionally got help immediately whenever I needed it. The facilities also really aided in the creation of the film as speedy macs were available to use at all times for heavy compositing work and editing simultaneously as well as having enough stop motion spaces to spread out the many hand painted cells, paper animation sequences and sand animations."