The BA Fashion Textiles and Design programme celebrated Visiting Associate Professor Orsola de Castro’s inaugural visit to the campus on 4th March 2022 with a DiscoMAKE.

DiscoMAKE is:

• getting together to make, un-make, and re-make, wear and re-wear.

• a way to have fun while constructing, mending, and deconstructing clothes.

The university and local community came together to mend or upcycle a garment or accessory that could have become waste. Swatches of fabric, yarns, unused haberdashery were gathered from around the Fashion department to play with. The main aim was to have fun, create new networks and give new life to old clothing. Orsola may approach this topic in a fun and lighthearted way, but her message is serious.

“The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe.”

Orsola invites all of us to eliminate waste from the fashion system and to develop new creative ways of thinking about clothing the body.