2nd year FCS students collaborated on a live industry project with DUST Magazine (https://dustmagazine.com/) a biannual European fashion magazine founded in 2010, based in Berlin and with a worldwide distribution.

The magazine’s mission explores non-codified and non-regularised aspects of youth, steering away from consumerist trends of contemporary pop-culture and seeking to understand how non-mainstream, marginal identities, sensibilities, and aesthetics develop.

Module tutor Warren Leech invited Niccolo Torelli from DUST to steer the project from the project brief, the development of students’ project pitches and giving live feedback from industry. The project was remarkable in the range of creative responses the students made. Here is just a small sample of examples from second year students Colin Zuill, Ellen Bright, and Roberta Rilea.

The collaboration with DUST magazine produced some exceptional ways of researching marginal youth identities.

Colin Zuill explored the idea of a marooned character cut off from the outside world and entirely unaware of fashion or trend in his photographic series with Mat Smith. He also created a gif of cover images that he proposed for DUST.

Ellen Bright explored the development of a young girl becoming a woman through style, dress and technology in this sensitive and intimate 360 degree video. Her application of analogue and digital platforms and media to produce this outcome worked effectively.

Roberta Rilea produced an interactive platform that hosted work around her exploration of AR, AI and 3D rendered elements all in one place. She explored how an AI technology could build ‘characters’ and digital artwork that is featured on the platform that do not exist and uniquely reproduce each time the platform is restarted.