Animated Postcodes: MDX Animation Students Create Animation for the Postal Museum

A team of final year students from BA Animation at Mdx have been commissioned to make two films for a new exhibition at London’s Postal Museum. The exhibition Sorting Britain: The Power of Postcodes runs from 30 March 2022 - 01 January 2023

The students were asked to create animations exploring one of the key themes of the exhibition:

• Why do you have a postcode?

• What does your postcode say about you?

They were asked to think imaginatively about the theme and create an animation that would encourage viewers to explore why postcodes were developed and the impact they have had. From sorting machines to postcode lotteries, and from the act of sending mail being the reserve of the privileged few, to an everyday act of society, rich or poor.

The animations have been designed to educate and entertain the audience, making an emotional connection to the exhibition’s content, encouraging the viewer to explore and discover the stories around the development of postcoding and gain an insight into the social impact postcodes have had.

The completed animations have been used in the exhibition itself, projected as part of an introductory video presentation and have also been showcased on the Museum’s website

See the animations online here: