Music at Middlesex encompasses a wide range of musical genres with practice at its heart. Working with professionals from the worlds of practical music making, musicology and the music industry, our students develop advanced practical and creative musical skills, critical reflection, autonomous learning, professionalism, and the transferable skills gained through the advanced study of music. The course gives students the tools to succeed in their chosen discipline and genre(s) – popular, jazz and classical performance; composition/songwriting; recording, production & interactive technology. Complementary studies include the innovative inclusion of music industry study in each year. A special feature of the course is the opportunity to collaborate, including with other performing arts & media – dance, theatre, fine art, fashion, film, animation, games design. This fosters excellent graduate and employability skills, and produces much fine work. Longstanding partnerships with the London Firebird Orchestra, the Allegri String Quartet and Daniel Miller (MuteSong) bring valuable opportunities for further professional-level engagement. Students progress to many and varied destinations including further, advanced study; employment in the music industry; education; and freelance portfolio careers within the overlapping worlds of music making, audio-visual media and sound production. Graduates include successful film/media and concert composers; educators and arts administrators/leaders; and performers who have gone on to win major UK accolades such as the MOBO Awards, Parliamentary Jazz Awards and Jazz FM Awards.