The MSc Digital Journalism is specifically designed to be consumed and shared with an online, diverse community of students from around the world. The classes are always lively, with a range of perspectives and cases studies always being brought to light. The programme develops core and technical journalistic skills, and encourages students to think critically and engage creatively with the constantly evolving digital news media landscape. All of the modules cover the key phenomena that are impacting the journalism and media industry from a technical, practical and intellectual perspective. For example, it covers how artificial intelligence is benefitting and challenging the power dynamics that shape the news industry, and the ethical challenges that global shifts in power are bringing to journalism. Students work on multi-media storytelling, with an emphasis on original news gathering. Students are prepared with the skills and knowledge required to work in the media industry in a number of ways: for instance, as a data or digital journalist, or as a media analyst or researcher. Our students have gone on to a range of careers, including editors of publications, reporters for digital news outlets, and as TV hosts.